FML - (In Post Production) Short Film
Director/Writer: Jessica Hinkson Producer: Thea Gagliardi
Inbtwn - (In Post Production) Short Film
Director: Nic Altobelli Producer: Malachi Ellis Writers: Nic Altobelli, Minh-Anh Vo Dinh
Brenda & Baxter - (2023) Short Film
Writer/Director: Leah Johnston Producers: Lee Marshall, Kevin Dong, Leah Johnston
Mothers - (2023) Short Film
Writer/Director: Mitchell LeBlanc
Ephemera - (2023) Short Film
Director/Producer/Writer: Caoimhe Clancy
The Dessert - (2023) Digital Sketch Comedy Series - Crave
Producers: Andrew Ferguson, Shane Cunningham, Jonathan Popalis, Mark Myers, Mike Veerman
Motherlode by The Standstills ft. Eagles of Death Metal (2023) Music Video​​​​​​​
Tim Baker - It's Gonna Be Great (2022) Digital Sketch Comedy Series
Director: Jordan Canning Producer: Allison Johnston
Tim Baker - Some Day and Year of the Dog Live Session (2022) Music Video​​​​​​​
True Dating Stories - Episodes Dorian, Sam, Carlita (2022) Web Series - CBC Gem
Producers: Andrew Ferguson, Matt King, Andy King, Allison Johnston
*Nominee - 2023 Canadian Cinema Editors Award - Best Editing in Web Series/Digital Content
Accused Season 1 (2023) 1 hour TV Series
Handmaids Tale Season 5 (2022) TV Series
Billy The Kid Season 1 (2022) 1 hour TV Series
Halo Season 1 (2022) TV Series
Chapelwaite Season 1 (2021) 1 hour TV Series
Tigress (2021) Short Film
Run Woman Run (2021) Feature
Baroness Von Sketch Show Season 5 (2020-2021)- 1/2 hour TV comedy
Tintype (2019) Short Film
Red Balloon (2019) Short Film
You Will Still Be Here Tomorrow (2020) Short Film
The Amazing Gayl Pile (2020) Web Series
Classic Horror (2019) Short Film
Island of Shadows / Is There a Killer in my Family? (2019) MOW
Oracle (2019) Short Film

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