Counterbalance is a new media evolution for progressive young adults who want to offset oppressive societal forces. Through intimate conversations, we document and unravel untold stories of influencers within their communities and bring the discussions onto visual-based platforms.

All content was edited by me and was shot by myself and the CB co-founder.
Manifesto is one of Canada’s biggest celebrations of hip hop culture and beyond – a multi-disciplinary, world-class festival with a positive social and economic impact.
The Sorority is a sisterhood of talented emcees, consisting of Haviah Mighty, Keysha Freshh, Lex Leosis and pHoenix Pagliacci. They spoke on their experience in the industry, their future goals, and their perspective on being a woman in a predominantly male industry.
Artsideout was a large-scale, one-day arts festival that took place at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus. We touched on the shows 10th anniversary, the theme of "Collected Stories", and its importance to current events.
We sat down with the women behind The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies and had the chance to discuss their group and the annual women-only beer festival.
Caitlynn is an entrepreneur, photographer and small business owner based in Toronto. She spoke with us to talk about the necessary work entrepreneurs put in to bring their ideas and goals into fruition, along with her social organization, Fake Geek Girls Like Us (FGGLU), a multimedia source for all things femme fan culture. Their aim is to facilitate, encourage, and discuss geek-dom and pop culture. 
The #MeToo movement took the streets of Toronto, Ontario by storm. Here's our recap. 
Makida-Rae is a singer and song writer based in Toronto. She discusses her life as an artist and obstacles she's had to over come to get to where she is now.
 The goal of this movement is to inspire others with interviews from women and minorities who are breaking stereotypes that society has set out for them based on their gender, sexual identity or background. These interviews are filmed and edited into mini docs. This project allows me to further explore the world of film and storytelling.
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